Dynamecho walter Hemelryck Ultrasound MSK Anatomy  échographie

Walter Hemelryck

CEO and founder of Dynamecho

Osteopath DO

Master in Physiotherapy

DIU Clinical ultrasound in general medicine. UPEC Paris

PGDip in musculoskeletal Ultrasound from the University Of East London.

Teacher in ultrasound and advisor for the Scientific Society of General Medicine (SSMG) in Belgium, he also holds the role of trainer in France within the College of Advanced Studies in Medicine (CHEM) and for the first training organization
continues "Eduprat", while being a partner of Echofirst for emergency medicine. 

Founder of Dynamecho, this organization was created with the aim of making musculoskeletal ultrasound training accessible to all health professionals while guaranteeing their excellence. This independent body focuses on training
of high quality to improve the ultrasound skills of healthcare professionals, thus ensuring a better service to their patients.

Currently, he is involved in the orthopedic surgery department of Hôpitaux Iris Sud in Brussels, where he plays a key role in defining treatment approaches for complex clinical cases in close collaboration with orthopedists.

With his experience both as a teacher and a practitioner, he now shares his knowledge with all health professionals involved in the field of the musculoskeletal system. 

In addition, he is a referent for several renowned ultrasound companies as well as for learned and scientific societies. It jointly organizes training at the Institute of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the University
from Mons in Belgium. These courses focus on anatomy with dissection and the updating of orthopedic clinical tests under ultrasound, a unique concept in the world.

His priority is above all to provide accessible and quality training for all and to share his passion.