Who are we?


Dynamecho is an independent training organisation in musculoskeletal ultrasound.

We also organize training in anatomy with dissection and updating orthopedic clinical tests under ultrasound. (Concept unique worldwide)

Our priority is to provide quality education for all.

By preserving its independence, Dynamecho collaborates with numerous firms, companies and institutions as an external stakeholder with no commercial link or conflict of interest. This allows to keep a right of criticism on the ultrasound equipment, to see the evolutions without bias and to be able to give an opinion or to objectively advise the participants in the trainings.


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Our team

Our services:

At Dynamecho, human contact remains privileged, for reasons of quality we prefer to answer your questions directly during our training sessions.

We have therefore emphasized "old school" style of teaching because our experience have shown that the learning and service provided by interactive and direct teaching is much more effective and appreciated. In addition it is essential to complete hands-on practice and not just theoretical learning. For these reasons, we do not produce online courses or training on the Web. 

Where some training organisations offer online courses to pay, Dynamecho works in close collaboration with Dr. Chahbenderian, author of the echo-loco website. By registering you will have access to more than 400 videos totally free on his site www.echo-loco.fr. (french web site)

Our wish to open training courses to a wider audience does not depend on supply or demand but rather to open the access to all medical and non medical  disciplines who wish to progress, learn, and evolve in practice, the patient being in the center of our concerns.

In addition, interdisciplinary exchanges enrich our courses and open the opportunity to new collaborations.

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished professional, our training will allow you to reduce your learning curve by several months and benefit directly in your clinical practice. You will be surprised what you can learn and do in such a short time.

Dynamecho also offers crafted courses for your organisation / institute or in private.

We are always available and at your disposal for any questions and / or special requests.

Our expertise.

Dynamecho's aim is to help improving  patients care by offering training to health professionals as part of their discipline. Over 25 years of practice and teaching, we have evolved gradually with the latest technologies allowing us to always stay up-to-date with new innovations and to constantly update our courses to bring you excellence in quality education. Each of our trainers is clinically active and works closely with different institutions.

Our course contents comply with all national and European standards. Our expertise in the field is internationally recognized. We can not implement the years of experience needed to become an expert, but all our courses are structured in such a way as to shorten the months of learning and quickly become independent with confidence.


Our partners.

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