Dynamecho Hemelryck walter formation echographie musculo-squelettique medical kinesitherapie osteopathie


Physicians, Surgeons, Pysiotherapists, Osteopaths, Podiatrist, Professionnals of the musculoskeletal system

Level: Beginner and advance

At the end of the 3 days of practical training, the professional will be able to use the most relevant clinical tests in the office. Dissection and ultrasound will strengthen and increase the anatomical knowledge of the studied area

 Many clinical tests used in clinical practice aren't accurate enough to do a proper diagnosis. Some tests are even obsolete but still used for lack of better. Through dissection and ultrasound, this training aims to target the best clinical tests, to understand and know their relevance from both a scientific and a clinical point of view. You will learn the mechanical nature of many osteo-articular and musculotendinous pathologies.

The combination of cadaveric dissection and  ultrasound in-vivo allows you to deepen the anatomy in a very concrete way while ensuring its memorisation.

By this original and unique method, you will integrate the clinical tests to become more effective and optimise your clinical relevance objectively and scientifically for your patient's care.


Note: All dissections and ultrasound hands-on practices are done by the participants under the guidance of experts in anatomy and ultrasound.